F.A.K.E. Halloween!

October 26th from 5pm to 10pm

Welcome to the Very First Vegan & Ethical Halloween with Music, Makeover (make up & hair), Trick or treat, ethical fashion, food, photo shoot and more.. !!


-Meet the new FAKER Designers
-Get a FREE professional Photo shoot
-Get a FREE vegan makeover (Make up by Johnny Concert & hair by Komorebi )
-Discover cruelty free & ethical Fashion
-Trick Or Treat (Each Faker booth will have Vegan sweets for the first Vegan trick or treat)
-Get Amazing food at " AVO Cafe "
-Contest of Best Ethical Costume (please don't buy a costume, use one you already have or create one with old clothe)

A very immersive night in the Vegan and Ethical world of HALLOWEEN!

Past Event:

September 25th 2019:

F.A.K.E. Screening in DTLA of the Documentary “Kangaroo” with Q&A of the Directors Mick & Kate Mcintyre.

August 24th 2019:

F.A.K.E. Pop up on Melrose Ave.

June 8th 2019:

F.A.K.E. Pop up on Melrose Ave.

May 11th & 12th 2019:

F.A.K.E. Pop up on Melrose Ave.