5 reasons why being Vegan is too difficult in Los Angeles

If you are Vegan and live in Los Angeles you probably struggle with many situations..

F.A.K.E. Movement decided to tell you the

5 biggest reasons why being Vegan in Los Angeles is way too difficult:

1-Too many Vegan Options!

Vegan Options

Now choosing which restaurant you want to go eat is becoming impossible! The list of all the restaurant offering Vegan options in Los Angeles is ENORMOUS! For some people it’s even worst than having to choose which TV show you want to watch on Netflix.

I mean, come on, even Burger King have Vegan options now!

2- Too much energy!

beach body

Being Vegan in Los Angeles will keep you awake all day long! With all these hours spent in traffic plus your Vegan Diet it is almost impossible to get tired.

You will have to workout every night to finally be tired at 1 am, enjoy a good night of sleep and wake up at 6 am full of energy. On top of that while you just want to have a normal life, you will have to struggle with this strong body that will make everyone look at you!

3-Work too much!


Forget about calling in sick at work!

With a Vegan diet and the sun of California you will never get the chance to be sick and stay stuck in your bed for days.. You will be forced to work everyday and be productive..

4- Forget about “me time”!

F.A.K.E. Movement

Vegans in LA are so nice and friendly that you are never alone!

They always invite you to those super cool places, Vegan restaurants, F.A.K.E. events, escape games, party, festivals… They will always trick you with amazing activities so you can’t refuse and enjoy the loneliness of your place!

5- You can’t trust anyone!

Impossible Burger

The meat substitutes look so real that you sometimes feel like you are not Vegan anymore!

You need help to find solutions to make your Vegan lifestyle easier?

So come to our next F.A.K.E. Pop up on August 24th at Melrose LightSpace (7600 Melrose Ave, LA) and meet Designers, Activists and other Vegan who lives in LA to help you :)

Let’s F.A.K.E. the world!