Animals Facing left (Idan Shimoni)

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How do you describe being a FAKER?

Taking responsibility as a brand by choosing an ethical and cruelty free approach for every step of the production, and making sure no humans or animals will be harmed in the process.

Tell us a little bit about you!

I am an artist and animal rights activist and believe in better future for our planet. My choice with Animals Facing Left was to raise awareness through cute, minimalistic art style instead of showing animals pain and suffering, hoping to remind people just how incredible and sweet animals are.

Why "Animals Facing Left" and what is the goal of your Brand?

The animals are facing left as a sign for humans to notice their right to live free and return to the wild where they belong. Our goal is raising awareness for animal rights through simplistic forms of expression and we hope to spark a change.


Describe  "Animals Facing Left" with 5 words.

Facing - Left - For - Animal - Rights

Where and how do you made your products?

All our T-shirts are made and printed in America with WRAP Certification, in a ECO-FRIENDLY process, 100% cotton, vegan inks and virtually zero waste manufacturing facilities. The tees are made per order to reduce waste and all items are made with love and care.

Photo by Ofek Avshalom

Photo by Ofek Avshalom

Photo by Ofek Avshalom

Photo by Ofek Avshalom

What was your biggest challenge with "Animals Facing Left" ?

My biggest challenge so far was finding the right partner to work with and this year we have proudly partnered with World Animal Protection US, and together we support animals through our collaboration and different campaigns.

What is the next step of "Animals Facing Left" ?

To become a established worldwide brand and to keep growing so we can donate even more funds to the wonderful work of animals non-profits around the world. As well to continue our collaboration with different artists, activists and social movements.

How do you see the future of the fashion industry?

The future of the fashion industry depends on each and every one of us, and starts with being aware of where and how your clothes were made. By supporting brands and designers that care about these important issues, we can form this industry's future towards a sustainable and cruelty free industry. 

What advice would you give to our readers for a better world?

Speak up for the voiceless and try to be a smarter consumer.

Avoid hurting animals in any way that you see fit for a better future for our wonderful, incredible planet.

Thank you so much Idan Shimoni for answering our questions!

You can come at the F.A.K.E. Museum and check Idan’s Painting by booking your FREE tour HERE!