Chill with activists // FAKE KAFÉ (august 24th)

During our F.A.K.E. pop up (August 24th at Melrose LightSpace 12pm - 5pm) you can chill with Activists in our F.A.K.E. KAFÉ!

Just have a sit, enjoy a drink (sponsored by Coffee Bean) & Vegan sweets and ask all your questions to local Vegan Activists!

Ary Ohayon

Ary Ohayon 12pm-1pm

Co-founder of Arsayo and co-organizer for Paris Animal Save

Co Founder of Arsayo, Ary Ohayon has been an activist since he went vegan (5 years ago).

Starting with proposing the best vegan alternatives in his own family business, Arsayo, Ary has been very involved in the non-profit organizations world.

In 2018, he co-organized the Paris VeggiePride festival that gathered more than 2000 people for the 2nd biggest march for the animal rights in France. Additionally to the march, the VeggiePride proposes a vegan place, conferences, a vegan party & more...

This year, Ary is very active with the Paris Animal Save Movement for inspiring projects such as vigils and supporting farmers who want to end animal exploitation.

To celebrate his 5 years veganniversary, Ary did a Half Iron Man triathlon (just that..).

Jacqueline Galvez.png

1pm - 2pm Jacqueline Galvez

Fashion merchandising student at CSULB

Jacqueline is a human & animal right activists and also an advocate for environmental and vegan friendly fashion.

“Activism is a everyday movement for me, whether I am in class, at a march, an animal vigil, at the grocery store or posting facts online. I never miss an opportunity to speak to individuals on how their everyday habits can change the world!

Being a part of an industry that impacts our environment, human rights and animal rights is my way of activism because changes need to be made soon. Fashion does not have to hurt anything or anyone and my goal is to make that happen whether it’s creating my own company one day, or helping existing fashion companies make those changes.”


Maya Benperlas & Kalli Quigg 2pm - 3pm

Founders of VIVA Global Rescue

Maya Benperlas and Kalli Quigg founded VIVA a little over a year ago- in that time they have rescued, rehabilitated and care for over 1100 animals from severe abuse, neglect, harm or slaughter.

They specialize in Neonatal kitten care, and equine rehabilitation. They also specialize in disaster relief; such as fires, earthquakes and other California disasters. In the Woolsey Fire last year they were able to rescue over 600 animals with their partnering rescues.

In the recent Trona and Ridgecrest earthquakes they rescued another 65 animals and provided food, search and rescue and shelter for animals in need after the devastation. 


3pm - 4pm Meggan Oksness & Gaby Azurdia

From “Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation”

Meggan Oksness is the Manager & Adoption Coordinator at Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. She started volunteering for the organization in 2016 and after learning about the Dog and Cat Meat Trade, she went vegan. In 2017, she adopted Demi, a dog that was originally from a slaughterhouse in China. She also has a dog from East Valley Animal Shelter (Jax) and fostering a dog (Nugget) that was given meth by her previous owner. 

Gaby Azurdia is long time volunteer turned staff member at Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. She started volunteering for the organization in 2015. She helps run the @dogsofahwf Instagram page; takes adoptable dogs to vegan restaurants and events; and organizes hikes and alumni events. When she is not at the rescue, she works in the medical field and has an Instagram account highlighting her vegan cooking. 
Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on rescuing abused and neglected animals - locally, internationally and throughout the Asian Dog Meat Trade - rehabilitating them and finding them their forever homes. We embrace compassion, education and legislation to guide hearts and minds toward a brighter future for animals.

eder lopez

Eder Lopez 4pm - 5pm

Co-organizer for Animal Alliance Network & LA Climate Save.

Vegan & activist since December 2016, Eder is also an international organizer for the Save Movement and help run a non-profit organization Animal Alliance Network. He is also one of the organizer for LA Climate Save.

“I want to help change the world by spreading awareness of the animal agriculture industry and inspiring other to be more active.”

Animal Alliance Network hosts pig vigils outside of Farmer John, a slaughterhouse in Vernon, CA every Wednesday night.

“Our mission is to educate, take action, do outreach, and spread awareness of daily abuse Animals endure due to human practices. We align ourselves with any and every organizations that wants to make the world a better place for all beings”

Eder is also an active member of Anonymous for the Voiceless that creates Cube of truth all over the world.

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F.A.K.E. Pop up // August 24th // 12pm - 5pm // Melrose Light Space.