Interview of Eder Lopez

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How do you describe being a FAKER?

A person who lives a consciously compassionate life that helps our animal friends & environment by the choices they make everyday.

Tell us a little bit about you!

I’m a person who’s life goal is to help change the world through activism. Activism is my passion and completely change my life, it is the greatest decision I have ever made. Looking forward to being a part of this truly amazing community when we achieve total animal liberation.

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You are a part of the organisation of "Animal Alliance Network" and "LA Climate Save" can you tell us more about it?

Animal Alliance Network is our nonprofit that consists of Ellen, Sergio, Jeannie, Jack & myself who organize weekly pig Vigils where we give water & love to 4-6 month old baby pigs before they enter the slaughterhouse. It’s a truly powerful event that everyone on the planet should experience at least once. We want to help educate the public through activism by sharing the truth about the animal agriculture industry.

LA Climate Save is an environmental organization that consists of Amy, Paige, Santho and myself and we do events such as cleanups at beaches, parks, mountains & cities. We help educate people about Veganism through environmental reasons and help people make the connection that way. We plan on doing screenings of environmental documentaries such as Cowspiracy to schools/colleges. You can follow both organizations on Facebook and Instagram. (see bellow)

Describe Vegan activism with 5 words.

A necessity to make change.

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You created a shirt (picture bellow). Do you think wearing strong message on a shirt is activism?

Wearing any type of positive message or thought provoking clothing is a fantastic way to spread a message. You can walk anywhere people are and without saying anything you can help plant seeds that will help people make the connection. Wearing a message on your shirt is definitely activism.

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What was your biggest challenge as a vegan activist? 

Understanding that some people won’t or don’t try to make the transition to a compassionate lifestyle immediately, just like I did. Some people don’t care about themselves, non human animals or our environment and it’s scary to me that people just don’t care. It’s frustrating sometimes especially with family and close friends.

What is your next step in activism?

Organizing a huge event that I’ve never done before, that brings people from all over the world to help. Bringing in more attention from the media so millions & millions more people see the truth about the horrible animal agriculture. Also connecting with other groups outside of Veganism such as groups that help out the homeless and defend immigrants from ICE. We need to all work together to bring change faster.

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How do you see the future of the fashion industry?

The future of fashion is where absolutely no non human animals are killed for any clothing or fashion accessories. Also like Arsayo where not only is the product Vegan, but it is also ecologically friendly as well. We must reduce our consumption of plastic and other materials that harm people, our environment and lowers our carbon footprint as much as possible.

What advice would you give to our readers for a better world? 

The best advice is to educate yourselves on how to live a compassionate lifestyle where we do our very best to not harm others. That includes all non human animals, humans & our environment. We lack education on these vital issues so once we educate ourselves it becomes easier to help spread positivity. We all share the same beautiful planet so why not take care of her & all her inhabitants. You can’t talk about peace & love if there’s a dead non human animal on your plate.

Thank you so much Eder Lopez for answering our questions!