Johnny Concert (co-founders Joanna gatto & matt baggiani)

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How do you describe being a FAKER?

We believe the products we purchase and use should never harm animals, ourselves, and our planet. Being a F.A.K.E.R encompasses all these things to make ethical and sustainable shopping easy for the modern-day consumer.

Tell us a little bit about you!

Johnny Concert is a Clean, Non-Toxic, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free makeup brand made in Los Angeles. We create vibrant cosmetics that are safe to use and do not involve any animal-testing or by-product. We support regenerative business practices and encourage systematic changes: proving that clean cosmetics can have incredible color payoff without compromising our health and morals.

Why "Johnny Concert" and what is the goal of the Brand?

Johnny Concert is committed to developing innovative cosmetics while bringing awareness towards a more compassionate lifestyle. We are about making responsible decisions that will reduce our negative impact on the environment. We want to shape a future where individuals and businesses are committed to prosperity and health, investing in sustainability and better quality products.

Johnny Concert

Describe  "Johnny Concert" with 5 words.

Clean / Non-toxic / Vegan / Cruelty-free / Eco-conscious

How do you source your ingredients?

At Johnny Concert, we source the finest natural, raw, and organic ingredients from around the world and pride ourselves in developing cosmetics that are made with skin-soothing botanicals and antioxidants rather than unnecessary and harmful chemicals commonly found in the majority of products. We make sure to purchase from suppliers who do not perform animal testing, to be knowledgable with our ingredients and know that what we are putting on our skin is being absorbed into our body.

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What was your biggest challenge with "Johnny Concert"?

Our biggest challenge is finding suppliers who source quality materials, ingredients and packaging that meet our standards and ethics.

What is the next step of "Johnny Concert"?

At Johnny Concert, we envision a new approach to business: First and foremost, the well-being of our customers is of utmost importance. 

We strive to empower our customers by creating high-quality and healthy products and will continue in doing so. We are steadily working on improving, and extending our mission to cause no unnecessary harm to every area where Johnny Concert has direct influence, therefore, reducing negative environmental impact, while using our brand to encourage a systematic change.

Earlier this year, we entered our next phase switching over our Amplified Eyeshadows to refillable and reusable eco-packaging to reduce landfill and ocean pollution. Our GLITZ Glitter Gels are made from plastic-free, 100% biodegradable glitter that is compostable and marine life safe.

As our brand evolves, we are actively becoming more aware making sure to only use safe, animal-friendly ingredients and materials that are recyclable, biodegrade, and eco-conscious, opting to reduce landfill and ocean pollution. 

Johnny Concert

How do you see the future of the fashion/beauty industry?

Right now, the industry at large doesn't do everything a responsible company can do. Like all things, it begins with one step that leads to another. By becoming very much aware of our personal environmental and social impact, this can lead to much more powerful movement: the more educated and aware people become the more they can see how their choices impact and influence others. 

By supporting eco-responsible companies that are doing it right we are convincing the fashion and beauty industry to switch over to sustainable practices by using the power of our dollars. It’s so cool to see companies developing clothing and handbags out of mushrooms and pineapple leaves; as more people become aware these types of products are available to them this right here becomes our future.

What advice would you give to our readers for a better world?

At Johnny Concert, we are huge advocates for anything that is natural, organic, vegan, non-toxic, ethically and sustainably sourced. This ranges anywhere from everything we buy, eat, and support. We are morally devoted to spreading compassion, awareness, and setting an example that the more knowledgeable consumers are the more power they hold.

As consumers, we are the ones enabling corporations to produce shoddy things, even if unaware, we’re still demanding it and encouraging the problem. We are so much stronger when we build and grow together understanding the motivations behind our purchasing habits and what we are actually supporting.

Mindful consumption shifts this power thus putting it back on the individual who is responsible and committed to feeding a society that is caring towards self, community, and nature. 

Thank you so much Joanna Gatto & Matt Baggiani for answering our questions!

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