King Design (founder Jessica Reyes)


How do you describe being a FAKER?

I think being a FAKER means being someone who thrives to be innovative in developing products and textiles that avoid the harm of animals and have empathy towards the fair labor of others as well. While it is extremely challenging at times to avoid leaving a carbon footprint, a FAKER does everything possible within their limitations to achieve an eco/sustainable fashion environment accessible to all.

Tell us a little bit about you!

I am a Los Angeles based designer, daughter of hard working Guatemalan immigrants, who began toying with the idea of making my own clothes as early as my childhood. I would host and curate independent art shows to showcase my designs and eventually had the highest honor of launching King Design at the LA Fashion Week in March 2019. I guess you could say I am a bit new to the game but I’m excited to see where my art takes me!


Why "King Design" and what is the goal of your Brand?

My legal name is “Jessica Reyes” and in Spanish, my last name translates to “Kings”. Hence, the stage name, Jessica King and eventually I created the brand label King Design. My goal is to be able to go full time with my freelance work and further my knowledge/education on how to go even MORE eco-friendly with the materials and process I use in developing my collections.

Describe  "King Design" with 5 words.

Bold / Unapologetic / Confidence / Fierce / Art

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Where and how your products are made?

All of our products are either produced in my quiet home studio in Highland Park, CA with my own two hands (from the patterning process, to the garment construction) and all knitwear is made in Las Vegas, NV by Ortiz Enterprises: a female owned independent contractor. All employees there are paid fairly and work in comfortable and safe work environments which is something I hold the highest standard for!

What was your biggest challenge with "King Design"

Since we are so new to the industry, gaining a following and trust with our customers to pull the trigger on buying our product and taking a chance has been a challenge. However, we are developing new products to introduce to the world and perhaps even a whole new direction. So we hope to expand our clientele even further and get past this minor bump on the road! 

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What is the next step of "King Design"?

I am working with our loyal and responsible intern Jayleen Gutierrez to develop a prom/wedding line for October 16 at the RAW Fashion Event at the OC Mansion. I was heavily inspired by astrological and dreamy/starry textiles and wanted to get my hands dirty into some more elevated and sophisticated pieces. So you just might see us dressing some brides and confident prom queens in the near future! Big turn for our brand product, but the aesthetic will remain, grungy, moody and dark.

How do you see the future of the fashion industry?

Fortunately, I think that we are *finally* reaching a point in the industry where people are starting to truly listen and lean towards to having more eco-friendly brands involved. This goes for both the consumer side and the company side of it all. I think as we keep on progressing and bringing awareness to better alternatives to the fashion we’ve been used to, the more we’ll be seeing fast-fashion and animal cruelty in garments as a thing of the past!

King Design

What advice would you give to our readers for a better world? 

Smile and bring others up, always!

We have far too much negativity in the world and we MUST find ways to be more positive to our neighbors in our actions and behavior. Do this through sharing your gifts and talents. I promise that people will take note of your radiance and it will rub off on them or even better, inspire them!

Thank you so much Jessica Reyes for answering our questions!