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How do you describe being a FAKER?

A Faker is someone willing to change the fast fashion status quo and produce pieces that are ethical and sustainable. This means using products that are vegan, and keeping our beautiful planet in mind during every step of production.

Tell us a little bit about you!

LA Relaxed is a female owned sustainable and ethical clothing line. We use biodegradable fibers, minimize waste, and maximize efficiency, while providing comfy and stylish clothing- not to mention, 100% made in the US!

Why "LA Relaxed" and what is the goal of your Brand?

In a city that is constantly moving, it’s important to take a minute and relax.

So often people are perpetually keeping up with the fast pace of city-life, technology, and fashion, when we need to take a step back to breathe and enjoy what life has to offer. We want to spark the conversation around the importance of sustainable fashion and its importance in reducing the waste produced by the industry. Style and ethical practices should not be looked at as separate entities- instead as complementary of each other, therefore allowing you feel confident and fashion-forward in the clothes you wear, while taking as little away from our planet as possible!

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Describe  "LA Relaxed"with 5 words.

Responsible, Ethical, Local, Aware, and luX!

Where and how are your products made?

Our products are all sewn in Downtown LA. Most of our fabrics are knit locally to minimize our carbon footprint and we partner with domestic vendors to keep our garments USA made.

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What was your biggest challenge with "LA Relaxed"?

Changing people’s mindset from fast fashion to sustainable fashion.

The mass-market industry creates a large output of pieces quickly without taking in consideration the implications on the environment. Fast fashion is so called “easy”, but cleaning up the environmental mess it creates is not. With more education and discussion of the effects of the industry on the environment, we hope to shift people over to a more conscious way of buying clothes.

What is the next step of "LA Relaxed"?

To continue elevating the brand with new sustainable fabrics and modes of production, while creating opportunities to educate the public on ethical and sustainable practices within the fashion industry.

How do you see the future of the fashion industry?

The future of the fashion industry is green. There are many brands taking the initiative to spread the word of ethical production and are paving the way to a more sustainable industry and future.

What advice would you give to our readers for a better world?

To show a little love to our Earth and to not take it for granted.

Industry should not outweigh ethicality. We are all in this world together, so why not make it a little brighter and cleaner?

Sometimes we need to just show a little more gratitude and relax

Thank you so much LA Relaxed for answering our questions!

You can come at the F.A.K.E. Pop up and check LA Relaxed products HERE!