Le Rouge Français (Elodie Carpentier)

Model:  Chloé Tesla  // Photo:  Romy Cohen

Model: Chloé Tesla // Photo: Romy Cohen


How do you describe being a FAKER?

Fashion for Animal Kingdom and Environment is settlement us. For “La Maison Le Rouge Français”, it has always been a full commitment to value human, non human and nature as interdependent and equal life forms.

Tell us a little bit about you!

Designing healthy make-up without any animal or human exploitation is part of our DNA.

This is why we started our company establishing a clear and public manifesto with some ingredients black-list, so to promote vegan and renewable raw materials at first. 

Indeed, our brand is fully vegan and cruelty free certified by PETA. We are also organic but we went far more away banishing Mica pigments from our formulation. Even though it is admitted as natural, we consider it may includes dangerous metal component; But moreover, the pollution from its excavation and children working conditions in some countries have been recently and officially spotlighted....

On our side, we have been developing innovative formulation using dye plants to naturally color our make-up. This is a fantastic challenge which rank our cosmetics to an other green level. Furthermore we are Clean Beauty certified, becoming one of the first brand in cosmetics to banish titanium dioxyde or ion dioxyde

Our formulations are so pure that our brand is recommended for pregnant women by toxicology experts.  

Finally we built a pure and transparent packaging packaging made with 99% of recycled plastic. So to ensure its recycling process, we offer free pick up to our consumers.

Model :  Vegalia

Model : Vegalia


Why "Le Rouge Français" and what is the goal of your Brand?

Our brand name promote 2 core achievements : Value our French Made know-how and spread it at an international level. Also ‘Rouge’ (Red) is the color that best describe our philosophy of glamour as much as women empowerment.

Describe  "Le Rouge Français"with 5 words.

Luxury - Nature - Organic - Vegan - Dye plants

Where and how are your products made?

In France, in Normandy ´Cosmetic Valley’. All our added-value process is set in our country, which included the ingredients sourcing. While our formulation requires exotics materials, we operate through a full traceability process to go back up the die and proceed to careful audit.


What was your biggest challenge with "Le Rouge Français"?

Our biggest challenge is to keep developing products with dye plants as pigments. This is a fully complex, innovative, long and costly process to achieve the high final quality expectations we set for our brand and customers.

Our challenge is also to provide break-through and precious luxury packaging, combing aesthetic as well as sustainable materials.

Women must be proud of their green make-up.

What is the next step of "Le Rouge Français"?

To launch a crowdfunding campaign to achieve our complementary range called ‘Les essentiels’. We will keep offering organic, vegan and plant based pigment range of make-up such as skin foundation, blush, rimel, eye-liner and nail products.

How do you see the future of the fashion industry?

We want to pave the path for future of the cosmetics industry by reconciling luxury, ethical and natural values.

Model:  Chloé Tesla  // Photo:  Romy Cohen

Model: Chloé Tesla // Photo: Romy Cohen


What advice would you give to our readers for a better world?

A better world is a planet that we build every days for our children. We must improve ourself to be better always and challenge every choice we make.

Choose your ritual beauty products with your heart but also by watching out the composition. Today a lot of smart applications such as Clean Beauty App updated by toxicology experts could help you to select your cosmetics. Selecting vegan products is an ethical choice for vegan but also for no vegan people to banish animal pain and high production conditions that affect human health and all planet balance.

Thank you so much Elodie Carpentier for answering our questions!

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