Lulu's Vegan Skin (Rachel Richards)


Tell us a little bit about you!

I started Out making organic vegan products around the house, such as detergent, soap, I eventually ended up making my own jams, jellies, wines, e.t.c. We lived on a farm in Oregon for a year and a 1/2 and our resources were very limited so we had to learn how to Homestead. Everything from growing our own food and chopping trees for firewood, we had to do it all....also being 7th day Adventist, which is a Christian denomination that is not only believers of Jesus Christ, but also teach the health message and the church is either vegan or vegetarian. So with those being the factors in my life, I created everything for my family. After having some difficulties in my personal life my daughter Lulu was the one who suggested that I start selling my items that I make for the family. And with that the business has exploded, I started with $5 in my pocket, I didn't even have enough money for a canopy tent, I had 1 table, and 4 very basic products. I now have over 35 products, have recently been introduced to the CBD line and that has been extremely successful! The sky is the limit. This is not stopping any time soon and the business continues to be successful!

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Where your products are made and what is the goal of your Brand?

Lulu's Vegan Skin can be described very easily. Lulu's is a clean company. Everything is Made in the USA, from our packaging, to our labels, and the ingredients inside. Lulu's vegan skin is a family owned and operated business. Lulu's vegan skin is driven behind health, healthy living and healthy alternatives. We won't sell anything that our family doesn't use on a daily basis and as part of our skin care regimen. Lulu's vegan skin was built on sweat, hard work, dedication, but most importantly LOVE, and wanting to educate veganism and product awareness.

What I'm trying to do for Lulus vegan skin is build a business that my grandchildren will be running one day. I'm trying to build a legacy, a family owned business, that will be shared and profited with everybody in the family. All of my family is deceased, so I have a void and abandonment of family. So, I think because of that I want to have something that my children can give to their children, and appreciate.

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What was your biggest challenge with "Lulu’s Vegan Skin"

Lulu's has found the biggest challenge starting out with very humble beginnings. God has blessed us and the business has grown. Our current challenge is marketing and advertising. Although our sales at events, and pop ups have been phenomenal, are online sales are lacking profit because of my lack of computer knowledge.

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What is the next step of "Lulu’s Vegan Skin"?

I believe the next step for lulu's is to gain online traffic, and when I see profitable sales, our next step is to open a vegan store that not only carries lulu's vegan skin products, but other vegan vendors will have their own space in the store to sell their items. I believe God has blessed this business, and by no means do I want to hoard the blessings that God has given us. Once I open this store front I'm not only opening veganism awareness to the small community of the South Bay, but also to other vegan vendors who may not be able to afford their own store front.

How do you see the future of the fashion/beauty industry?

I believe veganism, awareness, and education is uprising! Every class, or category of people are aware and their eyes are opened to other alternatives than what we have been raised to believe was the only way for so many years. Good by big pharma, good bye big food corporations, good bye animal gaming for furs... We need to stand with each other, continue this uprising, and not be Discouraged!!!!

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What advice would you give to our readers for a better world? 

Has long as we have breath, we have a purpose! Find your purpose, be determined, hard work pays off!

Remember support small local business

Thank you so much Rachel Richards for answering our questions!