The Right Straws (co-founders Yuki Stebel & Anh Ho)

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How do you describe being a FAKER?

We are very proud of being a FAKER, we love animals, I (Yuki) personally have 5 cats,and we have birds, squirrels, even raccoons sometimes coming to the patio! We always leave nuts and water for them. My partner Anh has one cat and one dog too. We are all animal lovers. Actually the idea of the company came out because of this turtle picture we saw online. There was this turtle that had the plastic straw stuck in his nose and he was bleeding. That made us wanting to do something.

Tell us a little bit about you!

The right straws is owned by two girls and a group of technicians who are really passionate about making some changes to the planet by contributing little by little. Our straws are made out of rice, it's gluten free, vegan, biodegradable and if you want you can eat it after you finish your drink. More and more people start to have the awareness of how bad plastics pollution is and want to make a change. We hope we can be part of it and make some changes all together..

Why "The Right Straws" and what is the goal of the Brand?

We thought about using "The Rice Straws" at first, but then we also didn't want to limit ourselves to only one material, we'd love to have variety of products in the future. That's also the goal of our brand. We don't want to limit ourselves. We want to keep learning and keep doing research, keep trying our best to contribute even a little bit to protect our animals and this planet.

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Describe  "The Right Straws" with 5 words.

biodegradable / vegan / gluten free / edible / practical

Where and how your products are made?

We made our products in our manufacturer in Vietnam. Our rice Straws are made from Rice Flour and Tapioca. The color is from Veggies and Fruits color without any preservatives

What was your biggest challenge with " The Right Straws " ? 

The acceptance for the price difference between plastic straw, paper straw and our straws. Obviously, our straws cost more than them. But we prevent environment pollution, we are protecting animals, and the earth. We wish people would have more environment awareness and willing to pay a little bit more to make the effort.

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What is the next step of "The Right Straws"?

We've been going to different events, talking to restaurants, cafe owners, vegan influencers and trying to make the right straws more visible to the customers, we will continue to do the same. And if it works well, we will try to do other healthy edible utensils etc... Just try our best to reduce the usage of plastics and to protect the environment.

What advice would you give to our readers for a better world? 

We can really make a huge change if everyone tries it little by little. If we can stop using plastic straws, use edible ones or reusable ones, stop using plastic bags when doing grocery shopping and take your own bags, stop using plastic utensils and bring your own to the restaurants etc, then we will make a difference.

Thank you so much Yuki Stebel & Anh Hofor answering our questions!