Today, thousands of animals will be killed for leather, wool, silk, fur… All in the name of Fashion.

It has a huge impact on the environment as well, bigger than all the international flights and maritime traffic combined.

Check our F.A.K.E. news page impact of fashion to learn more about it.

It is our responsibility to change our way of consuming. But let’s be honest, it’s not very easy to find nice cruelty-free & ethical fashion.

This is why F.A.K.E. movement gives you options and help you to make that change!



We select designers from around the world that offer vegan, ethical & sustainable options and create event, popup.. to promote them!

It’s simple as 1 + 1 = 2.

The more FAKER we are, the more designers would want to create ethical fashion :)



Any designer can be a FAKER Designers.

We have one condition: having vegan products ethically made.

Nobody is perfect and running a business is not easy, it takes time and money to go from non-vegan product to 100% vegan or to go from vegan to 100% ethical. We need to have an open mind.

This is why F.A.K.E. movement accepts everybody that offer vegan & ethical options for a better world. We need to support Designers that want to make that change!

Check our F.A.K.E. news page how to be a FAKER to learn more about it.